Jain Temple for Jain center of America at New York - “A Unity in Diversity” https://www.nyjaincenter.org/
Art Work - 500+ Posters & Paintings - A Pictorial Guide to Jainism - Principles & Practices https://youtu.be/6IADYqM9bWw
Ashtapad Maha Tirth - A Gemstone Temple http://ashtapadmahatirth.com/
Ashtapad Granth Part I & II (Jaina e-Library)   
Part I http://www.jainelibrary.org/book.php?file=009853
Part II http://www.jainelibrary.org/book.php?file=009860
Hindi Shayari   
HUMSAFAR – A Translation of Gujrati Sher & Shayari into Hindi.  
SARAL SHAYARI – A Collection of Simple (Urdu) Sher & Shayari.  
Museum of Gem & Jewelry in Jaipur, India
Museums at Ahmedabad where many Gemstone Idols will be exhibited - due in 2022